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Won't hire 95%, but the other 5%will make $$$
Maybe you're working a job that's paying the bills (even if barely). You spend 50-60 hrs a week at work, then there's the commute. You live for weekends and get a pit in your stomach come Sunday night.

And you've been on this hamster wheel for 8...10...15 years! You come home, relax, maybe check in on Facebook or Instagram and see people out LIVING! Going places, doing things...trips with the family...all smiles and fun. You eat your chicken dinner and get your clothes ready for work...but secretly you want that too! You want the freedom that comes with it. But you don't know how to get it. 

There has to be an answer, right??

There is! 

I have an opening for 5 people to join my team of bada$$ rockstars who show up and put work in without being coddled. If you're just "seeing what's out there" you can probably keep scrolling. I want to work with the people who have that back against the wall, sink or swim, BEAST MODE feeling in their gut. 

What's the opportunity?
We sell the tools and training to business professionals, entrepreneurs, and sales reps, that help them grow their business. Your "job" is to close the deal. Sound simple? It is... but it's not easy.

Your Responsibilities will include:
Generating interest in our product with prospective customers
Directing them to our informational websites for more information
Following up after initial contact
Closing the sale

How you get paid:
It is strictly commission based and you will make anywhere from $100-300 per sale (depending on package purchased). After the probationary period, you may then be offered a trainer position where commission is increased to $400-1200 per sale... for doing the exact same work!! No brainer, right?

Oh, did I mention that as long as you have a phone, computer, and internet, you can do this from home? Yep, sit at home, in your underwear, drinking coffee or whiskey for all I care! You make the sales, you make the rules! Kids have a football game or a dance recital? Don't ask for time off...GO! It's snowing and you don't feel like shoveling? DON'T! 

If this ad comes off a little blunt, it's meant to scare off the tire kickers, whiners, and half ass-ers. This is the wrong opportunity for a lot of people and the perfect opportunity for the right ones! If you've made it this far, we should probably talk. I really am a sweetheart ;)

Philadelphia, PA
3 months ago
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