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New to Comedy? Scared? Wanna Make Friends in the Comedy Scene? Be My Intern!!
Hi Comic,

Can I call you, Comic? My name is Mary Martin and I am also a comic.

On Saturday Sept 23 I am hosting a comedy show/my birthday party in my basement studio apt. I've booked a buncha seriously talented stand ups who are pretty hot in the scene right now. So I aim to make this party/show just as hot. So, Comic, that's where you come in.

I am looking for 2-3 interns for the event. Dont worry, Comic, this isnt a power trick. Ive done events in my space before and it's a bitch to run alone. So this time I thought I'd ask for help, and maybe make a friend in scene who is new too.

if this arrangement works out, who knows, maybe you could help me with events in the future. You could put that shit on your resume!

Your duties may include, but are not limited to: slicing pizza, cutting cake, having a few beers, opening the door for guests, knowing where restrooms are if people ask, mingle and network with your fellow comics, engaging in banter with me while I host, holding my cigarettes so I don't smoke all of them at once.

So if you're new to comedy, want to make friends, and want a free invite to a pretty dope house party, hit me up and we can link thru fb.

talk to you soon!

Brooklyn, NY
2 months ago
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