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my Babies [cats] need homes.. SIO!!!
I have to move. Not allowed to bring them.
This hurts to have to do, so please don't msg me with questions.. I don't plan on responding unless you're taking someone.

Serious Inquiries ONLY!

Neither one has been Fixed..
Neither one has spraying issues.
However, please take into consideration that it could happen temporarily due to the trauma of moving. Any loving pet owner should have patience with new babies as they adjust to their new surroundings. They've been indoor only for all the years I've had them & are happy & Healthy.

Ghia [GEE-YAH]: SEVEN year old Female. All black, green/yellow eyes.
I took her in from ferral when she was 1 year old. It took her a long time (3months or so) until she stopped hiding from us.. but after that she became my little shadow following me around everywhere.. so watch your step, lol. She doesn't like being held & won't sit on laps, but she is incredibly affectionate & likes to sleep in bed against my back or near my head. Gets along great with other cats. Avoids the dog, but not aggressive to her. Rarely lets children touch her because she's not about that rough stuff & quick movements. But doesn't mind belly pets & loves chin tickles. She also does this super adorable "licky face" if you find the right spot on her back to itch. Will occasionally poop right outside of the litter box Only if it's too full for her liking. Scoop daily & you won't have any issues. Not food particular, she'll eat anything. Except for people food. She'll seem like she's begging, but generally doesn't accept offerings.

Three [3, lol]: THREE year old Male. Grey with white markings, green/yellow eyes.
I got him as a kitten.. was found in a workshop from ferral mama. Adapted quickly .. probably mostly with help from the other pets. Threepea is a bit skittish & quirky, but affectionate nonetheless. He often runs when you first go to pet him, but this guy is so chill you can hold him, kiss him, pet him any way you like.. He is lovey, but for some reason, never purrs. But he is very vocal. Loves sitting in windows. No litter box issues.. at all. When hungry he will try to trip you.. runs in front of your feet, so again, watch your step with him. He will only eat dry food. Not brand particular, just as long it's crunchy. He won't eat wet food at all & not really a fan of treats.

Please only contact [text preferred] if you know 100% you love & want them. If/when you do msg with interest, please include which you'd like & a little info about why you believe either of my babies would be a perfect addition to your family.

NO REHOMING FEES... they dont have to go together.. but they do need to go ASAP as I only have a couple weeks left to move.

I will meet up or bring to you. We live in Whitehall, near the LVMall. If meeting, please be prepared with your own carrier to transfer.
text 484...246...5124 .. My name is Christina.

Catasauqua, PA
3 months ago
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