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two female mice
I have two female mice in need of a new home. I love them dearly but my bf recently lost his job and I can't afford them right now. Their names are Bibbles (mostly white with black on her rear and a tiny bit of brown under her legs) and Donia (light brown sprinkled on her body). Bibbles is Donia's daughter. Donia makes beautiful babies in my opinion if that is your goal. (I also have her son but I'm keeping him)
They are pets only and have a rehome fee of 10$ each or 15$ together. if you would like their cage I can let it go for 50$ with the mice and everything in it (water bottles (2), houses (3), a tube, food dish, treat dish, wheels (2) . It took a lot of time to build. They top layer isn't finished so they cannot get up there yet but they love the rest of the cage.
need to rehome asap.

(if you are the breeder I got them from and would like them back let me know, my previous phone broke and I lost contacts)
Marion, NY
2 months ago
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