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I will show you how to buy Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum
want to learn how to buy Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum. I will meet you show you how to buy how to sell and how to send it to your PC so you can keep all your cryptocurrency currency safe. I will show you how to buy on your cell phone how to buy on your PC how to sell on your PC how to sell on your cell phone. I help you open up accounts all your passwords will be up to you to keep secret I will not see any of those you will be doing all the bank information and passwords yourself. I charge half a litecoin an hour I will not leave you stranded if it takes a couple of more minutes so I will make sure when I leave you you will be able to do everything cuz I will have you do everything before I leave. you're not just paying for a one hour session but you'll have a new friend any question just text me afterwards I will give you my cell phone number and welcome to the crypto community. you got to work fast because everything is still pretty inexpensive it's just going to get more expensive as time passes so don't procrastinate.
1 half Litecoin per hour is $50hr.
email me at eroc162@hotmail.com.
I'm in Point Pleasant New Jersey so depending upon how far you live from me I might charge you more if it's over a half hour drive for me. we can figure that out when you email me. we can meet at a coffee shop or anything that you would like just bring your phone so we could tether off your phone so it's by private Network so you won't be using Starbucks WiFi or McDonalds WiFi because that's unsafe.
Jersey Shore
25 days ago
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